Having a pool in your home is a great way to enjoy your house. It’s a simple way to relieve stress and be outdoors. However, it requires some work to maintain the beauty of the pool. One part of maintaining a pool is having a pool inspection.

Over 10% of the annual routine pool inspections that occur in the United States discover a disinfectant level violation. They will look at several areas, including pool safety, pool interior, the area surrounding the pool, and pool equipment. This means that the inspection can detect any unsafe issues before they become hazardous to your family.

Safety and the Pool’s Interior

When the pool renovation company conducts an inspection, they want to make sure all walkways are clear of potential accidents including slip and falls, latches, and fencing. As for the pool interior, this focuses on vinyl liners, cracks in the plaster, and pool decorations. Another part is pool lighting and checking for light condensation.

The Area Surrounding the Pool

During the inspection, a pool renovation company examines the tile and deck around the pool. This portion looks for loose tiles in the area of the pool deck. The inspection also includes an observation of the entire yard of the pool for any potential hazards.

Another aspect is checking for saltwater corrosion. Some pools have saltwater instead of freshwater for a healthier environment. However, saltwater can corrode the area of the pool, causing it to weaken.

Pool Equipment

Another major part of a pool inspection is checking the standard equipment. This includes the pool pumps, which circulate the water around other devices like filters and heaters. The pool filters are also examined to see if they are properly cleaning and sanitizing the water. The filter valves are observed to see how healthy their connections are to the filter.

Other equipment includes pool heaters, which are optional. The heaters can warm the pool water, which can be great. During the inspection, they will check to see if the heater is the right size for the pool. They will also check to see if it’s working properly.

Use this information to help you prepare for your pool inspection by a pool renovation company so you know what needs to be fixed to enjoy your beautiful pool. Contact The Complete Backyard to learn more about pool renovations for your property.