There is a certain level of excitement that comes with installing a pool on your property. For many people, being able to afford a pool at home is a big step. Not only does adding a pool to your backyard greatly increase your quality of life; it also can increase the overall value of your home. Of course, installing a pool can be quite expensive, but if you work with the right pool installation company, you can get a good idea of what to expect ahead of time. Let’s look into some of the things you need to budget for when installing and maintaining a pool at home.

1. The Installation Price

The biggest thing to consider at first is the upfront cost of having the pool installed. A reliable pool installation company won’t come cheap, but you also don’t want to skimp on these costs by working with a lesser, potentially less experienced pool installation company. Additionally, you need to remember that while the company you work with can give you a good estimate of what a pool installation may cost, unexpected costs can be added on over time. When vetting different pool installation companies, ask about potential hidden fees, and crosscheck your estimates against each other for a better idea of what you will end up paying in the end.

2. Maintenance Costs

Of course, the costs don’t stop with the installation of the pool. You’ll also want to consider what it will cost to maintain the pool once you have it installed. One major factor will be the chemicals that you’ll use to keep your pool clean. Typically, it will cost $87.50 per month to buy the chemicals necessary to maintain a residential pool. Over time, your pool will also require repairs from professionals, and of course, it will affect your utility bills.

3. Additions

Gradually, you may want to make additions to your pool, and you should think about these when you plan out a budget for pool installation. Pool lights, decks, waterfalls, and even hot tubs are common pool additions. Many of these are often offered by pool installation companies. Inquire about potential deals and discounts that you may be able to get for additions.

A pool certainly pays off. You’ll just want to know what you’re paying for ahead of time! To learn more, contact The Complete Backyard today.