Cleaning your pool on a regular basis is significant in keeping it hygienic. Routine cleaning will also increase its lifetime, improve aesthetics, and reduce the need for costly repair. But when do you know it’s time to call a pool installation company to clean your pool? Here are three signs it’s time to clean your pool.

1. Increased Water Pressure

An increase in flow between the pressure gauge and flow water is one apparent sign that it’s time to clean your pool. Clean the filter when the difference reaches 10-15 pounds per square inch. The increase in water pressure is a telltale sign that the filter is under strain due to blockage or faultiness. The blockage implies that water has smaller or fewer perforations in the filter to flow through, creating water flow delay that manifests itself in the form of increased pressure. Cleaning your pool will enable you to get rid of dirt and other debris blocking your filter, allowing your pool to regain its normal pressure.

2. Cloudy Water

Professionals from a pool installation company will tell you that your pool water needs to be clear at all times. If your pool water is cloudy, it’s time to clean your pool. The cloudy appearance could be due to chemical imbalance, algae growth, contaminants, poor filtration, inadequate circulation, or natural debris. Whatever the cause, have your pool cleaned as soon as it becomes cloudy. The pool will be cleaned by removing any foreign materials, getting rid of algae, eliminating ammonia, and balancing chemical levels in the pool. Proper cleaning will make your pool water safe for swimming.

3. Strong Chlorine Smell

While many pool owners associate a strong chlorine smell with cleanliness, it’s not. It’s time to clean your pool if it has a strong chlorine odor. A clean pool should have little to no chlorine smell. The strong smell could be a mixture of chemicals, called chloramines, that form when chlorine mixes with sweat, urine, and body oil. Swimming in a pool with strong chlorine smells also causes the eyes to itch and irritates the skin. Cleaning your pool will enable you to get rid of the formed mixture and the smell.

It’s time to clean your pool if its manifests any of these signs. Contact The Complete Backyard, the top pool installation company, if you want to install a pool on your property today!